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Module 4 Usage of Detergents


The use of detergents in laundries is critical to the performance of the laundering process. Detergents are required to perform a variety of functions in the wash process including conditioning of the water, maintaining optimum pH conditions, wetting of the soiled fabrics, removal and suspension of particulate soils, emulsification of oily soils and removal of stains. In addition, the detergent is required to maintain the whiteness and brightness of fabrics and to assist in the providing a hygienically safe washed product.

The use of detergents can have a significant influence on the useful life of fabrics. The correct choice and usage of detergent can minimise the effects of greying and fading as well as minimising chemical and mechanical damage.

Detergents eventually find their way into the laundry effluent stream and disposal is regulated by European and National legislation. Detergent components must comply with legislative requirements such as biodegradability and phosphorus content.

Modern detergent systems, both powder and liquid, can be automatically dosed into the washing machine. Automatic dosing equipment can provide the benefits of reduced labour, reduced manual handling, minimised chemical exposure, accurate repeated dosing and process validation.


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duration: 1 day

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Background of ingredients




Effects of composition and dosage




Dosing systems




Module 4 will introduce you to the ingredients of detergents and the functions of these ingredients within the wash process. The module will outline the effects of detergents composition and dosage level upon washing performance and describe current dosing systems for powder and liquid detergents.

Learning Targets

After finishing the module you will : 

Know the individual functional properties of detergent ingredients

Understand effects of detergent and dosing level upon washing performance

Be aware of the types of detergent dosing equipment currently available       

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