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Module 1 - Usage of Water

1 Sustainability

2 Usage of water for washing

3 ab Water supply and demineralisation
3 c Fresh water disinfection

4 Reasons for water contamination
4 How to minimise waste water load

5 ways of waste water discharge
5a waste water treatment
5b biological treatment
5c filtration technology

Module 3 - Washing process

1 Sinner`s Circle

2 Washing process in washer extractors

3 Washing in tunnel washers

4a Water and Energy saving -> Low temperature

4b Water and energy saving -> Sanoxy System

Module 2 - Machine technology

1 Sinner`s Circle

2 Current developements on washer extractors

3 Tunnel washer technology

4 Dewatering methods

5 Drying of textiles

6) Water recycling

Module 4 - Usage of Detergents

1 Background of ingredients

2 Effects of composition and dosage

3 Dosing systems


Module 5 Energy and energy recycling

1 Usage of energy in laundries

2 Different heat sources in laundries

3 Energy saving possibilities

4 Heating energy and heat exchangers

5 Effects of modern dewatering processes

6 Energy recycling in dryers


Module 6 Special aspects of sustainability

This module is to repeat and deepen knowledge and is not relevant for the examination


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