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Training Modules on the Sustainability of Industrial Laundering Processes

E-learning tool for trainees and employees in laundries

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Teach me - and I remember
Involve me and I learn
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About this page

The Leonardo da Vinci laundry sustainability Internet page comprises 6 training modules providing basic knowledge about sustainable processing in industrial laundries.

The use of this Internet page and the training modules are free of charge. It is addressed to laundry managers, quality and technical managers of laundries. Furthermore, the tool can be applied for training and further training of laundries employees and apprentices. The learning contents are also integrated in the curriculum of the universities of the project partnership.

You find the explanations for the didactic concepts and the instructions how to learn/to teach in the
help section.

The didactic conception for the training modules consists of different kind of teaching and learning phases and is based on e-learning. The curriculum shows the subdivision of the modules into chapters. The curriculum also shows the different kinds of teaching/learning phases of each chapter.

The modules are in detail:

Module 1: Usage of water
Module 2: Machine technology
Module 3: Washing process
Module 4: Usage of detergents
Module 5: Energy in laundries
Module 6: Special aspects of sustainability

The examination section provides multiple choice tests to test and to deepen acquired knowledge.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact wfk Research Institute, CINET or other members of the partnership.

Enjoy your studies!

Project partners:

wfk Forschungsinstitut für Reinigungstechnologie e.V. (D)

European Textile Services Association (E.T.S.A.) (BE)

University of Maribor (SI)

Textile Testing Institute (TZU) (CZ)

Politechnika Lodzka Katedra (PL)

International Committee of Textile Care (CINET) (NL)

Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH (D)

Unitechnika S.A. (PL)

Christeyns (GB)


This webpage is a result of the of the Leonardo da Vinci Project (project number: 146 360, also see: Nationale Agentur Bildung für Europa beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung, www.na-bibb.de).
Leonardo da Vinci is a European action program to improve and adapt the educational level of employees working in different industrial sectors across the European Union.
Leonardo da Vinci projects are realised in cooperation with several partner organisations representing different professional competence.
Nine partners from seven European countries joined this project. Well known companies from the laundering supplying sector as well as research institutes and universities were involved. wfk cleaning institute coordinated the project.


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